Returning to Mother Earth

Bhekasana/Frog Pose Variation

This week the sun moved into the astrological sign of Taurus. This sign highlights energies of stability, security and patience. Venus rules this sign giving Taureans a big admiration to beauty, luxury and delicious dining. Having experienced a super charged and event filled month during April, I'm happy to kick off my shoes for a bit, recline on the earth and feel her support.

Sadly a big part of my heart is with Ecuador, my Mother's homeland, which unfortunately has suffered a devastating earthquake this past weekend. My relatives were not affected as they live a good distance away from where the earth erupted. Yet having their homes and hearts shake as another part of their country has fallen apart tests one's trust in the support of the earth.

I'm using this time while the sun moves through Taurus and the weather allows, to sit in nature more often to mediate, practice yoga outdoors and mindfully walk on the earth. Here I will reflect on how I can pay attention to my security. Question in what ways do I feel insecure? Impatient? I will also try to fix what I can around my home and refresh my altar space with fresh flowers where most of my intentions are set. The earth provides us with all our needs. How can you both trust and take care of her?

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