Find Your Spring Balance

There's a funny thing about spring, we long for it during winter's last hibernation days but when it arrives it's hard to keep up with all that's growing into our lives. Between invitations to go here and there to having meetings to make things materialize, it is easy to over do growing and under do grounding.

To experience yoga one must balance opposite energies such as blossoming and nurturing within. Since this time of year is about balance, I suggest practicing yoga poses that focus on balance. If the weather allows you to, practice outside. Begin by standing on both feet or sitting on the ground and deepen your breath. Feel your exhales rooting your energy deep and wide into the earth. Try tree pose where you place one foot on the inside seam of your standing leg's calf or inner thigh while your hands are in prayer position at the center of your chest or overhead. If you're seated try boat pose by sitting on a flat surface and hugging your knees into your chest with your feet off the floor. Place your hands on the back of your knees and try extending your legs upwards as well as reaching your hands forward at shoulder height. Maybe you can reach for your feet and find big toe pose like pictured above.

For any balancing pose fix your gaze on your horizon line. Let your gaze get soft, watch the wave of your breath and notice your mind get quiet. Allow the feeling of being balanced enlighten your day to day life as you seek balance in all you do.

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