Spring Ritual: Taking Aim

Spring has arrived in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere with purple, yellow, white and pink buds showing themselves. It is an exciting season especially if you take the time to feel young again and play in the warmth of baby spring's sun.
The word spring is an action which means to move upward quickly. What desires and projects in your life are ready to come to life? What actions can you start doing today to accomplish your wishes? It can be daunting to create something out of what appears to be nothing. I find keeping a written plus photo journal of what I'm creating helps in keeping me inspired in addition to sharing what I'm growing with friends and family.
If you're feeling stuck and need some coaxing in realizing what you wish to accomplish, focus on themes of action, the sun's fire energy and warriorship. You may also enjoy reading the mythology about the Goddesses Persephone, Demeter and Ostara for inspired guidance.

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