Nesting: What's the Fire in your Belly?

There's a fire in Mother Nature's belly. Are you noticing it? Tight buds on tree's branches, birds singing and a warmer feel to the midday sun. The Earth is pregnant and she's about to burst open with spring color. When I was pregnant with each of my boys, I went a little overboard with the nesting instinct. I moved, painted walls and stood on ladders to mop the ceiling.

What nesting instincts are stirring within you to make room for what's coming this year? Connect to spring's call by making some time to clean out your junk drawer, get your car washed, reorganize your closet and give away what you haven't worn in ages. Notice how you feel after cleaning up. Energized?

For the next few weeks as we transition into spring, spend some time every other day or so cleaning and redecorating what your home, garden and work space has been asking you to do. This includes your inbox. Nest and prepare the way for your New Year's wishes to arrive.

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