Releasing New Year's Resolution Obstacles

It has been a week since the new year started. How have your intentions, resolutions or whatever you want to call them held up since the 1st day of the year? Letting go of what wasn't working for you last year and bringing in the new takes awareness of what is standing in your way.

Become still, preferably outside in the cold while gazing at snow and ice or stay inside while looking out a window and noticing winter's stillness. Visualize your New Year's resolutions as you would like to see them play out in your life. Acknowledge any blocks that came up this past week with words and images in your mind. Are these obstacles coming from you and your negative beliefs about your worthiness and your capabilities? Fears of the unknown? Can you be so sensitive to notice where these blocks are sitting in your body?

You have the ability to shift these negative patterns and take a leap of faith forward into the new year by putting your ideas and wishes into the forefront of your consciousness. Freeze any feelings of lack and negativity. Know that by springtime they will thaw and dissolve into nothing and you will be shining in the sweet sunlight of freedom.

Take 3 deep breaths and believe in your success.

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