Journal Power: bring your New Year's Dreams to life

You hold the treasure.

It's empowering to make a list of your dreams. You can hand write them in a journal or keep a file on a cloud. What's important is that you have your spiritual realizations handy for quick review anytime you need an energetic boost in the year to come.

It is easy when the drinks are being sipped, the kisses, hugs and well wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year are being offered to feel excited for 2016. However the reality is that everyone goes through a roller coaster of emotional cycles. The next time you are feeling really low or just plain bored with everyday's neutral moments, add what you're feeling in the moment to your journal's list of New Year's Dreams. Reread your 2016 dreamy wishes and ask your future self to send your present self a charge of immediate optimistic energy.

To make this work, you need to believe, be consistent, patient and always send compassionate energy to heal your past self.

Happy New Year!

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