Holiday Grounding Ritual

Grounding in virasasana wearing ethically made sweater from

With Thanksgiving behind us, the end of the year holiday celebrations are in full swing. My habit of making lists of things to do loves this time of year yet my mostly *vata dosha self flies on the wind like a dried up brown leaf if I don't do grounding rituals throughout the day.

A simple grounding ritual you can practice anytime is to visualize your roots growing deep into the earth. This can be easy to imagine especially now that the trees have lost their leaves. Just imagine their bare branches that are reaching skyward flipped upside down and rooting down into the earth underneath your feet if you're standing or under your sitting bones if you're sitting.

Close your mouth and deepen your breath through your nose. Focus on your breath gently lifting you as you inhale and grounding you deeper into the earth as you exhale. As you breathe see this energy within your body growing in strength. Envision your roots spreading wide and deep. Be with the earth's grounding energy as long as possible. You can do this for a minute or two while standing online at a store, sitting at a coffee shop or longer at home or outdoors.

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