Mudra Magic

In preparation for last weekend's Bandhas and Mudras Yoga Workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey I created some yoga art photography plus wrote a few notes on a handful of mudras to ease one's understanding of what can be an abstract topic. A good place to start is looking at your palm and the picture above.

According to yoga each finger embodies the energy of a different element in nature. To take this deeper, each element is associated with a particular chakra (energy center.) This makes each finger connected to a chakra or group of chakras. For example, the earth element found within the ring fingers is associated with the 1st chakra, Muladhara Chakra which originates at the base of the pelvis. The second chakra, Svadhisthana Chakra is found within the reproductive body and sacrum. It embodies the water element and is connected to the baby fingers. The third chakra, Manipura Chakra is your fire center. It is found within your belly and low back body. It is associated with your thumbs. Anahata Chakra, your fourth chakra is made up of the air element. It originates within the center of your chest and shoulder blades. Its finger association is the pointer fingers. Finally Vishudda Chakra, your fifth energy center, found within your throat, Ajna Chakra, your sixth chakra, found within your third eye and Sahasrara Chakra, your seventh chakra which is found sitting on the crown of your head are all linked to the element space. These top 3 chakras are connected to the middle fingers.

When you bring your fingers together in different combinations via mudras, which means hand gestures in Sanskrit, you awaken plenty of subtle body magic within and around your energy body. Below are a few of my most frequently practiced and taught mudras.

Jnana or called Gyan Mudra is the wisdom hand gesture.

Anjali Mudra is the hand gesture that holds your intentions and offers it out to manifest into reality.

Padma Mudra is the fully blossomed and connecting to the light lotus flower hand gesture. Although it is a lovely mudra, it like everyone else had move and heal through the muddy, joyful and mundane waters of life to be such a beauty. 

Uttarabodhi Mudra is the hand and arm gesture of supreme enlightenment. Do this mudra for a few moments and feel an uplifted mood come over you.

Ganesh Mudra is named after the Hindu elephant god. Do this mudra if you're looking for protection and assistance in creating your highest self's dreams into reality. Ganesha will stomp out obstacles on your path and also pick you up when you're feeling down.

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