Gratitude Reflection

Sunset Pond at the

This past week I've been including a moment of gratitude reflection during my yoga and meditation practice. Each time I sit with pondering gratitude I keep on coming up with the same image, my body. A body I've either sculpted, ignored or wished was different, I now view as a great gift that brings me to pick up my children, assist an elderly yoga student to lift her arms, to dance in yoga shapes that open my heart to believing all is well. It is my sacred space, my shrine, my avatar. Everything I experience in life is because of this body. It houses my breath, heart, nerves, strengths, weaknesses, dreams.... It is a blessing. I am forever grateful.

Please join me for my Gratitude Yoga Flow Thanksgiving Day special class Thurs. Nov. 26th at 9:30pm for 2hrs. Visit to register. Drop ins are welcome.

We are currently collecting nonperishable food and supermarket gift cards at Bamboomoves Yoga Englewood for our local food drive charity the Center For Food Action in Englewood, NJ.

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