Your Energy Center that Balances Heaven and Earth Within: The Heart Chakra

In preparation for my Chakra Study Yoga Flow Workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey Fri. Oct. 9th at 6pm, I've created yoga art photography and written a bit about each chakra to ease one's understanding about the chakras, our energy body. The chakras are defined as 7 wheels of rainbow colored light that are found at the base of the pelvis, run along the spine and up to the crown of the head. Since the chakras are energy they are sensed. This is where I feel art and a few words can coax you into feeling what you experience in each of your chakras. If you've been following my posts for the past two weeks, you have read my current expression of the 1st 3 chakras and the last 3 chakras. In this post I'm focusing on the central chakra, the heart chakra. It is where the energy of love is born within your body.

In my notes you will notice the heart chakra like the other chakras in my previous posts corresponds to emotions that I like to interpret as a positive affirmation you can say to heal and empower yourself. There's also a body part, an element in nature, color and mantra association.

As you review this post take in each of the 3 heart chakra images and description. Then observe what you feel and where you feel it. There is no wrong or right answer, just notice. This is how we heal and balance our chakras, by feeling and not critically thinking about them.

Anahata Chakra is the 4th chakra. It is a green light that rides the air element within our chest and shoulder blades. It is where love is born in your energy body. See it as the link that balances your heavenly (top 3) and earthly (1st 3) chakras. Chant the mantra YAM to open the doors to this gateway of love.

Love is always available to us yet at times we stuck in one chakra and don't see it. Get that green light of love spinning freely again by raising your chest to the sky. Root your lower body down onto the earth and tune into feeling your heart center in the middle of your energy body balancing your lower and higher realms.

When this center is open, your heart's trauma is called to heal. Don't shut down and seal your heart closed again. You can keep it open and still revel in the grace of it all no matter what happens. Light needs darkness to shine and darkness will always seek the light. There's no escaping this truth. Know that you're not alone in working towards loving the beautiful and shadow side of yourself.

By doing the work to maintain an open heart, you nurture yourself in the process and then have the capacity to heal others. Balancing giving and receiving are the gifts of a healthy heart chakra.

Healing Affirmation: "As I open and heal my heart, I see the giving and receiving qualities of my heart in balance."

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