Fall Meditation: Making Art with Nature

This past weekend my little guy and I visited our local nature center to take in fall's trees making letting go look so good. During our walk he claimed his little legs that usually never give up were getting tired plus he kept on saying "I miss Daddy." I distracted him from his worries in the not so familiar forest by collecting beautiful fallen leaves. Soon after he happily joined me. Eventually our leaf bouquets were falling out of our hands so we found a comfortable place to sit. Here we arranged the leaves by color and created spiral leaf designs. For a good amount of time he and I were at one with making art in nature.

When we were done with our moving meditation, I took a fews pictures of our swirling leaf designs for memory sake. We said thank you and goodbye to our leaf art creation experience and left our art for someone else to discover or the wind to dismantle. We continued on our walk and when it was time to go home guess who wanted to collect some more leaves and make a little bit more art with nature.

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