Make A Difference

Cockscomb flowers, recycled glass vases, quartz, selenite, rose quartz, lepidolite crystals candle table

Everyone wants to be a hero. Movies become box office hits because of this truth. Luke Skywalker, Superman and other Hollywood heroes who carry the light to serve mankind spark the basic goodness that sits within all of our hearts. However it is absolutely human to disconnect from our greatness as we get entangled with life’s dramas and daily demands.

Consider creating a little sacred space in your home and/or workplace where you can rest and reconnect to your basic goodness. Intuitively pick a spot like a countertop or a corner table by a window and beautify it with a candle, fresh flowers and crystals or incense if you like. Light your candle with the intention of enlightening within your consciousness ways you can make a difference for those in need no matter what your personal financial and health status is today. Sit silently and notice any glimmer of inspiration in the moment or later in the day.

Crystal singing bowl

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