Sharing Your Harvest

Sharing, selfless service, giving away or you can call it seva which is a Sanskrit word that is used in the yoga community can only be done if there's a bounty that's ripened on the vine. Being in the yoga realm plus being married into an Indian family, I've heard all to often and I've even said plenty of times "If you do this you'll get great karma." Having gone through Roman Catholic schooling, this sentiment also cracks open those early imprints from the nuns that said "You will get extra points in heaven if your deeds are generous."

Rather than saying no to an opportunity to give, be it saying goodbye to a coat for a Thanksgiving coat drive, taking promotional pictures of a friend who's starting their business or teaching a yoga class for free at an event that is in alignment with my values, I always make it a point to touch in with my hand on my heart and feel if my needs are being met. If I get a yes, then the meaningful work just happens.

In what ways do you share your harvest? If you are questioning yourself and you're not coming up with anything, no worries. Service can be incorporated into your daily life with a little mindful effort. You can start small and schedule a coffee date with a friend who's going through a hard time and could use some friend time. Go bigger and write a blog to share your wisdom. You can also get creative and find ways to incorporate your community and/or earth friendly interests at work and at home.

Recently an opportunity to give was presented to me and I'm happy to share my gift as a yoga class I created called Compassion Yoga Flow. It will be available this Fall online at It is a back bending focused yoga class that is designed for all to follow. This practice will loosen your neck and shoulders, liberate your lower back, strengthen your arms and legs plus nurture your heart's desire. Upon completion you will be able to feel the receiving and giving qualities of your heart in balance. From this place you will realize how your contribution to anything will make a difference for others including yourself. This class will bring awareness and raise money to support the Himalayan Institute's One Tribe Project that is building libraries in Cameroon, Africa.

Giving can be as easy as practicing yoga!

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