What Concerns Me Most About Teaching Yoga

I remember sometime ago in my twenties watching my yoga teacher peacefully reach her arms overhead and ease her feet towards her head while on her belly in bow pose. Mesmerized by her graceful control I wondered how she got there and is it worth it? Two decades have gone by since then and only now do I understand how she got there and yes, it is very much worth it whether your feet touch your head or not.

Yoga is a lifestyle meaning it is something you repeatedly do. It is not an act but rather a habit to get up and practice both on and off the mat. For about two decades as I patiently held a yoga strap to my feet in bow pose it magically slipped off and I could touch my feet and breathe easy as well as have the ability to greet that person who has played a role to hurt me greatly in the past with a smile and actually mean it. Yoga takes time, trust and plenty of practice. The results from what I can see are worth it.

So what concerns me most about teaching yoga is observing the fear of yoga in my students mixed with the I can't make the time for myself comments. What I have noticed and look forward to seeing in every student including myself is that with a committed practice undoubtedly transformation and peace will prevail.

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