Pranayama's Energy Body Benefits

Western science teaches that we have a nervous system while yoga and other energetic healing systems like Reiki, Shamanism and more suggests we also have a matching subtle body. It can also be called an energy body that can't be seen but felt. One of the many benefits of stretching your breath with pranayama is to lighten and expand our subtle body. Yoga suggests that our subtle body has abilities that can transcend our physical mind and body. Our subtle body is like a radio dial that can tune into a channel and receive information. Practicing pranayama fine tunes our energy body to process what we receive and create what we wish into the physical. Similar to cleaning tarnished silver, we polish it so it can attract more light and shine. However if we are not consistent with polishing it like practicing pranayama we will loose our brilliance and lessen our magnetism to whatever it is we wish to manifest into reality.

The masters like Sri Anandamayi Ma quoted above suggest there is really no end to being enLIGHTened. Practicing daily be it pranayama, yoga's physical asana practice, meditation, walks in the park or going to the gym is time where you can consciously stretch and watch your breath. This will gradually increase your ability to handle all forms of energy. This point alone is great inspiration for me to practice daily.

Please join me if you can for my Pranayama, Restorative Yoga and Meditation classes Fridays during July at 2pm at Palisades Park. All levels are welcome.

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