Pranayama (Breath Exercise), Restorative Yoga & Meditation Classes Fridays in July at 2pm @Bamboomoves Yoga Palisades Park

Yoga breathing is a fundamental step in practicing yoga. Pranayama is defined as "control of life force." There are many benefits to yogic breathing such as a feeling of being calm and centered comes over you along with a lightening of intense emotions plus digestive, heart and reproductive health in addition to improved sleeping patterns are to name a few positive effects of conscious breathing.

During the month of July I will be leading a special pranayama class combined with restorative yoga and meditation every Friday afternoon starting July 10th at 2:00pm for 1hr and 15min at Bamboomoves Yoga in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

In this Friday afternoon class series we will:

Understand the science in how yogic breathing techniques positively supports our nervous system.

Learn and practice how to do ujjayi breathe with complete mind/body awareness.

Be introduced to and practice viloma breath/breath with pauses, nadi shodhana breath/alternate nostril breathing, kapalabhati breath/skull shining heating breath and shitali breath/cooling breath.

Practice gentle yoga postures that are appropriate for pre pranayama practice.

Sit in meditative stillness post pranayama practice to feel and integrate its effects.

End in restorative yoga postures followed by savasana/final relaxation pose to rejuvenate yourself for the weekend ahead.

Please drop in or pre register at Palisades Park, NJ.

If you're interested in reading more about breath exercises please search Pranayama along my blog's right side bar and click into pranayama for more on this topic.

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