Living Air Ritual

Over the weekend my husband, little son and I went to our local Whole Foods market which so happens to be scenically located along the Hudson River. My little guy fell asleep so my husband parked facing the river so I could enjoy the view while he went into the market to shop while I stayed in the car with the windows open. I was not the only parent sitting with a sleeping child beside them. The car to the right of me was doing the same. When my husband returned we stayed in the car, ate some food and enjoyed the early summer Sunday breeze moving through our car until a smoker sat at the park bench in front of us to chain smoke. I noticed the neighboring car shut their windows and soon took off like us.

There's no denying the air is alive and in this scenario we were basking in the glory of it until the smoker joined us with his form of air appreciation. Energetically the air element is associated with inspiration, communication and travel because it is always moving in uncertain ways. If you're looking to bring balance into your life when it comes to using your imaginative side, expressing ideas and feelings fluently plus if you're feeling like you could use some more sight seeing in your schedule spend some time in nature to ritualize your intention setting.

Pick a wide open scenic space to connect to the air element. Dress in light and loose clothing that can blow with the wind. A light cotton or silky scarf around your neck works well. Stand with your feet rooted onto the earth and feel within your body where you notice the air touching you most. What do you hear? What images or words come to mind? Set an intention including whatever it is you are currently creating and healing. Plant it into your feet and onto the earth. Visualize the external breeze you feel upon your skin move into you from your feet up through your heart and beyond into sky. Know that you are growing your intention.

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