Elemental Mindfulness Exercise

The month of May has given us a few days that feel like we are sitting in the depths of summer. Feeling summer has encouraged me to reflect on the past 5 months. We started the year being bone chilled cold with snow continuing to fall even on the first official day of spring to the wood element's rising energy reaching to the light making trees and plants blossom and green a little later this spring.

Personally I've noticed that I've given birth to a new way of moving through 2015. Currently I'm planting new ideas and I've used this past Monday's new moon to reflect on how I'm feeling and where I'm going with my new approach. Stopping and reflecting is a perfect mode to be in especially today as the sun has entered Gemini, the astrological sign that is symbolically referred to as the twins who are forever reflecting one another.

If you're feeling up for creating and noticing a change in yourself here's an easy to follow mindfulness exercise you can do:

Elemental Mindfulness Exercise:

Ground yourself by sitting still and fixing your gaze upon one point in front of you.

Watch the wave of your natural breath.

When you notice your mind has slowed down, reflect on what thoughts you've planted, greened and possibly already flowered this year.

Keep a mental list or take notes.

When you're done take three grounding breaths and know that the sun's light is only going to get stronger this summer to ripen what's on your vines to fruit.

*Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests winter is dominated by the water element with storms and snow, spring with wood's rising energy to the warming sun's light and summer with the fire element's passionate and cleansing qualities.

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