Mindfulness Exercise: Journaling

Svargadvidasana/Bird of Paradise Pose Variation

April has arrived and life is becoming greener with crocuses emerging from the earth, fresh cut tulips by my bedside and new opportunities smiling at me. If you're having trouble noticing what's pushing through the darkness of the earth for you right now, I suggest taking a moment to become quiet and observe. Write down what you notice. It can be a long essay with pen and paper or a few words typed into your phone's notes. The beauty of journaling is that it gives you the ritualized space to reflect on your current situation. When you do you're less likely going to miss the unfolding energy of seeds that you've planted. Instead you can nurture what you wish to grow.

My writing tip is to spend some quiet time in nature and tune into the rhythm of your surroundings. Write down what comes to you and enjoy.

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