Elemental Mindfulness: Noticing Wind's Non Grasping Wisdom

You can't notice the air's super cold and windy mood from these images yet I was determined to have my husband snap a pic of me and my youngest son in a favorite nature spot before it blooms. Since the wind was fierce, initially my posture choice was to curl up and hide from the wind but when I tuned into the tree's branches happily shaking loose above me, leftover fall leaves gracefully floating to another resting spot and the hypnotic sound of the water's waves breaking along the riverbank behind me is when I realized nature was having a good time going with the flow, why wasn't I? Wishing things were different is an all to normal feeling yet one I try to catch myself wasting time in and letting go of.

Noticing early spring's recent windy days and my environment's reaction to it has given me some insight into non grasping. What I've noticed is when I take the time to slow down and become aware of my surroundings, I can see it is perfect just as it is. My need to control my current situation diminishes and acceptance emerges within me. Feelings of compassion to others including myself surface, making me open to receive what's next.

During this particular nature visit what started as a defensive fetal like pose blossomed open into Compass Pose as I let the cold wind cleanse me. Like a tree who sheds leaves in the fall and blossoms in the spring, you need to let go to renew. The next time you experience a cold and windy spring day, let it refresh and guide you into spring's new phase.

Parivrrta Surya Yantrasana/Compass Pose

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