Welcome Spring by Melting Like Snow

Vasisthasana/Side Plank Pose, Sweater and leggings www.zara.com gloves www.wholefoods.com riding boots www.ninewest.com

Where I live most of the snow has melted. Most mornings I'm reaching for my bulky sweaters vs. a winter coat as I go out and on with my day. There's a feeling of cleansing and shedding on many levels during spring's arrival. The idea of rinsing and renewing is not to say what we are getting rid of is bad, rather it was necessary when we were in hibernation mode. Now and going forward into spring we simply don't need so much armor as a defense. It's time to get out more often to exercise, socialize and discover. Like a daffodil bulb that's been asleep deep in the earth, the melted snow's moister soil lets the bulb's hard outer shell soften and take off a few layers so it can shoot up to the sun's light and blossom.

Similar to the leftover snow on the sides of the road that will soon turn into water, be prepared to move and flow with spring's new and upbeat rhythm. As always there will be some unexpected twists and turns to take that only water can do graciously.

"Be water my friend." Bruce Lee

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