Tiriang Mukhottanasana/Intense Backbend Stretch Prep.

March is about changing. A time when winter stops and spring begins. That urge, that knowing, that fire in your belly that started kicking within you during early February wants to be set free and move on out this month. To make room for winter's plotting and planning, a little nesting to purify yourself and space is necessary to receive spring's new energy.

Start small by getting rid of and giving away what you didn't wear and will never wear again from your winter closet. On another day get your car washed and bring your boots and purses to your local shoe repair shop if they need a touch up. The following week go through your kitchen cabinets and make a soup with left over dried beans and noodles that are taking up space in half used boxes. Plus picking up a broom and sweeping those dust bunnies and crumbs out is always welcome in the kitchen.

Notice an adrenaline rush moving through your system as you do your tasks. Is it that what you're creating for 2015 feels possible and that's fueling you? Each time you accomplish a step in your spring cleaning list of things to do, feel a release of energy. You're not alone in processing and releasing the excitement of nurturing your newest creation. Birds, bunnies and pregnant Moms are doing the same right about now.

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