Mindfulness Exercise: Noticing Signs of Spring

Parsvottanasana/Extreme Side Stretch Pose Backbend Variation

Virabhadrasana 1/Warrior 1 Pose Humble Warrior Variation

Virabhadrasana 3/Warrior 3 Pose

Seeing shamrocks pushing their way up through mud, cherry blossoms cracking open on tree's bare bones and ice on water moving are signs in greater New York City area that are proving that spring is coming. Lately I've been practicing not getting stuck in only noticing dirty snow on the side of the road and putting on the same old bulky coat everyday by acknowledging the growing number of birds in the sky hauling warmer weather behind them along with seeing other signs of spring that are surfacing.

My suggestion in breaking the inertia that comes with a cold winter's hibernation is to snap pictures of what you see has changed and/or write notes on your phone. When you're done, review what you've collected and align yourself with the energies that you're noticing. I've been doing this and I'm finding I'm adding light and airy balance poses into my daily yoga practice, in addition to giving away what I don't need plus attuning to spring's sacred truths of hope, harmony and prosperity. As a result I'm feeling pretty good and balanced. Try this mindfulness exercise and notice the signs of spring emerging around and within you.

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