Heal and Expand Your Heart's Energy

The heart like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field. The heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Scientists have proven this by measuring the heart's electric field in an electrocardiogram (ECG). Here the heart's electric field is about 60 times greater in size than brain waves that were recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).*

Energetic fields can be felt, especially when you're close to others. Heart energy wants to mingle with other energies and possibly synchronize with one another. Since your heart's vibration touches those around you, notice when your heart's energy is shut down and depressed. It maybe because people around you are heavy hearted or you are creating the heavy energy therefore that is all you are attracting. This is why being in a joyful person's presence uplifts your mood. When you have positive vibes streaming out from your heart center, gratitude and joy is all you sense and magnetize. 

From my personal/professional experience you can work towards healing heart dis-ease if you take the time daily to sit and ground while facing either the sun, moon, stars or candlelight. You can also do this while in a yoga pose. Here breathe in light and exhale worry, blame, tightness and other densities within your mind and body away. See the light you're inhaling in as a bright green mist entering you and energizing your heart's energy center.

If possible please join me Saturday February 21st at 1p for 2 1/2 hours for my Deepen Your Backbends Yoga workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Visit my site's side bar and click into the workshop for more details.

*The Institute of Heart Math www.heartmath.org

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