February's Instagram Yoga Challenge @bamboomovesyoga

Follow @bamboomovesyoga on Instagram and see the many pictures I've taken of our inspiring yoga teachers for our February #bamboomovesme yoga challenge. Everyday for 28 days you will see a teacher in the pose of the day along with yoga wisdom to motivate your daily yoga practice. If you would like to participate in the challenge, take a picture of yourself in the posture of the day for 28 days and be sure to tag us and include #bamboomovesme. A prize just may come your way.

If you are wondering how to take yoga selfies, there are free self timer apps or someone close by can snap it and possibly become encouraged to practice yoga by your efforts. Follow @bamboomovesyoga for prize details and plenty of motivation.

In this image the forever helpful Nina Rabinowitz is in Ustrasana/Camel Pose while I snap away.

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