Bandhas and Mudras Magic Workshop

November's brighter mornings and reflective nights makes the moon's light seem a little brighter. It is the same moon but with all this extra growing darkness our shadows that spook us, charge us up or rather be kept under the carpet glare at us with a more potent eye. To compliment this energy of going deeper into the unseen world I will be leading an open to the public subtle body yoga workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey called "Bandhas and Mudras Magic."

Bandhas refers to the different parts of your body you can lock to save a little energy and experience more power. While mudras are hand and arm gestures you can do to bring different energetic channels found in your fingers together to ignite a particular focus. As for the magic part of the workshop, well that is personal. If you quiet yourself down enough and are open to these subtle body yoga teachings your senses will pick up on the magic that has always been there for you to acknowledge.

Friday   November 14th   6pm   3hrs   at Ramapo College of New Jersey  

We will meet in the Bradley Center   room Q228 

Drop ins $35

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