Bandhas and Mudras Magic Yoga Workshop Notes

Bandhas are energetic locks found within the body and mudras are hand gestures. They are both expressions of yoga's subtle body teachings. Meaning they are meant to be sensed and felt rather than being fixed and concrete. The chakras which are energy centers found within the body and mantras, verbal recitations are also subtle body teachings.

In preparation for my "Bandhas and Mudras Magic Workshop" at Ramapo College of New Jersey I created what I call bandha and mudra art as picture notes. In each picture you see me in a posture associated with a bandha or mudra. I've added additional text to define the teaching by name and a few key words to coax you into feeling the teaching. As you look through the pictures try not to analyze and memorize simply feel it out. In the feeling is where the magical part of the subtle body yoga teachings starts to show itself.

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