Fall Style

Leopard scarf and 3/4 sleeve top www.zara.com Kasyapasana/an arm balance dedicated to Kasyapa

Every fall is the same kind of super fast pace for me as my children are busy in school and a few more workshops are added to my teaching schedule. To keep myself from feeling like Summer's sun filled days immediately blended into Christmas break, I practice paying attention to the in between moments by of course practicing yoga but also scheduling walks in nature, taking pictures of Autumn's foliage plus updating my Fall fashion, beauty and at home style.

Here are a few Fall inspired changes with me and my home that help in keeping me in the moment.

Sandalwood smells like Fall to me and this purse perfect perfume balm allows me to reapply and smell this grounding scent throughout the day with ease www.pacificaperfume.com crystal heart and yellow candle holder www.saffrontradingcompany.com

Dark vamp nail polish that is FREE of the harmful 3 chemicals found in most nail polishes www.nailtini.com  Eka Pada Rajakapotasana variation with Garudasana like arms/King pigeon pose with eagle like arms

Sacred altar corner space in pumpkin orange adds a little seasonal spirit to any room without changing everything. Cushion www.saffrontradingcompany.com Whole Trade dried flowers from www.wholefoods.com The pumpkin scented candle is from the drugstore while the sandalwood mala beads, goldstone crystal, Ganesh and scarf over a small bench are all items I have in the house.

Uttarabodhi mudra/a gesture of enlightenment in the golden woods.

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