Summer Reflection Meditation Ritual

The end of summer's vacation like pace can enable you if you let it to, more time and space to go on location for a meditation. What I mean by this is to find a source of water like a pool, fountain, creek, brook, river or ocean and sit where you can see the sun reflecting off the surface of the water. If the light is very bright, sit to the side so you will not hurt your eyes. Gaze into the light and water and notice.

What do you see? Perhaps diamond sparkles or maybe you will see the clouds and sky mirrored off the surface of the water. What do you feel? Possibly lighter and part of the beauty before you. Stay here for as long as you like and be sure to take 3 deep breaths to ground and center before you go on with your day.

The benefits of practicing a meditation ritual like this is, when you exercise observing light reflecting off of anything it will be easier to notice what is light in your daily life and be able to appreciate it. Also when you take the time to clear your mind and body and notice the beauty in your surroundings it is almost impossible to hurt yourself, others and your environment.

Repeat this summer reflection ritual as often as you like.

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