Summer Aromatherapy: Peppermint Essential Oil

When the heat is on, the heat within us increases. Drinking iced drinks, wearing breathable light colored clothes, going in the shade, turning on the fans and air conditioning are a few ways to keep cool during summer's hottest and muggiest of days. Yet, there's a way to quickly cool down that often goes overlooked. That is applying peppermint essential oil to your wrists, forehead and back of neck. When you do it feels like instant air conditioning was turned on in your body. Plus it's refreshing smell can invigorate you as well as those around you. 

Peppermint aromatherapy works not only to beat the summer heat but also as a stress buster because it instantly grounds and calms us as we use our inhale to smell. Anytime we smell something we notice our breath thus realize the moment at hand. This presence allows us to think, speak and act from the best place we can, our center.

Please join me Saturday July 26th at 4pm at in Englewood, NJ for my Summer Belly: Finding Ease and Strength Workshop where I will lead you through a belly, lower back and side body focused yoga physical practice plus introduce you to Ayurveda, a natural medicinal practice from Southern India that includes Aromatherapy as a natural cure to help heal depression, anxiety, stress, lethargy and more.

I keep my peppermint essential oil in an empty change purse and put it in my bag of the day for instant cooling relief.

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