Liberate Your Lower Back & Hips Workshop

Summer's boost in outdoor activities like walking, biking and jogging are invigorating yet can aggravate your lower back body and hips. To feel well and enjoy this summer's out and about vibe consider this workshop where we will:

Practice yoga postures geared toward opening your lower back and hips.

Understand how the slightest adjustment in yoga's leg strengthening postures like the warrior poses can tone and heal you rather than generate more pain in your body.

Learn an easy and quick to do at home routine that will assist in keeping you feeling good.

Develop posture awareness where you can check in at any moment and improve it.

Become familiar with and meditate on your lower chakra/energy body. This awareness can assist in shifting energetic blocks and accelerate your healing.

Saturday   June 14th   4-6:30pm  

Register $40 in advance $50 day of   in Englewood, NJ

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