Selling Arm Balances to Your Students

Arm balances are musing me these days. Mostly because I'm looking to get my winter arms stronger and find inner balance as my life and children's schedules are getting busier as the sun is getting stronger. Teaching arm balances to your students can sometimes be overwhelming for you the teacher and for most students to digest. That is why when I teach them I offer what I call a soft sell. I share in between teaching the physical how to of a pose, the many benefits it can offer.

If you're lost for words here are some arm balancing facts that everyone wants:

To balance is to sit in between movement and stillness. This enables you to fully experience the present moment.

Arm balances weight bearing action activates and strengthens the arms, legs and core body.

Practicing balances helps us to realize a balanced body creates a steadier mind.

Overtime practicing balances will positively bring balance and focus to your everyday life.

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