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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pinterest Spring Fashion Inspiration

While looking for Spring fashion inspiration I recently saw an image on Pinterest Street Style that I couldn't forget. It was of a woman wearing a combination of mint green, leopard print and chunky silver jewelry. Here's my version of this combination that I wore during a yoga teaching day.

What I love about Pinterest is that it gives you tons of ideas rather than focuses on selling you unrealistic styles and products like a magazine can do. Pinning has been encouraging me to be more creative with what I already have as real people are pinning everyday stylish street wear images. I'm also noticing I'm shopping more mindfully than ever. I'm only buying a few key items each season. The idea of using what you have and hoarding less is one of the many sentiments that started me writing Glamorous Yogini 4 years ago. I hope to see, share and create with you on Pinterest!

I'm in a one arm plank/vasisthasana pose variation that I like to call a blossoming one arm plank

I'm wearing-

Jeggings  www.hue.com bought last year
T shirt www.zara.com last summer
Booties www.ninewest.com 
Bangle www.lailarowe.com 
Chunky chain necklace www.urbanoutfitters.com last fall
Bag, gifted from India
Shades www.forever21.com old
Scarf www.oldnavy.com old