Enlighten Your Arms Workshop Round Up Notes

One arm plank variation

I typically schedule workshops months before I give them. To keep my teaching authentic I only teach what I practice. For this reason my practice and lessons have been upper body specific for the past few months to prep my mind and body for my upcoming workshop Enlighten Your Arms @ www.bamboomovesyogoa.com in Englewood, NJ  Sat.  May 3rd  at 4 pm.

Since I'm experiencing there is so much to offer regarding this workshop plus it is coming soon, I've rounded up photos from my archive to help me edit what I do and don't need to teach. I will admit that although I loosely plan my workshops out, I always veer away from the plan. Mostly because you never know about the day's mood, student's special needs that need to be attended to or how many questions and answers will come up. What I have noticed from teaching workshops is that it is a good idea to come back to the original plan so you can deliver what your students came for.

Eagle arms

Crow pose

Arm and shoulder opener

Table top pose

Prayer variation

Side crow

1/2 Bind shoulder opener

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