Video Choreography: Shifting a Posture into Your Current Focus

Spring's season of rising energy has been having me looking down for signs of spring flowering. Fortunately there has been a shift away from winter's cold and little flowers are now showing themselves hugging the earth. While scrolling through friend's pictures last week on Instagram, I came across a picture of someone doing the pose above. This posture is called "Poet's Pose." I find it to be sweet how this posture has you reverently look down and notice Mother Earth. 

Experimenting with this pose, I found ways to link it to my current practice of standing on your hands. Here are two mini clips of my recent choreography. I'm finding making short videos of your practice fine tunes your craft and gets you even more creative. If you're on Instagram you can find me @AllisonEganDatwani, Facebook as Allison Egan Datwani and Twitter @DatwaniEgan 

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