Exploring Balance on the Equinox with Yoga Balances

The Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara by our ancestors, usually falls on or around March 20th. It is when day and night are approximately equal in length. The theme of balance is naturally felt at this time as what would have been a snow storm turns into rain and spring inspired pastel colored t shirts are worn under our winter sweaters. Now is a good time to practice yoga poses that focus on balance.

Here I'm in tip toe pose which can be easily modified by placing a yoga block under your knees. When practicing this pose, press the insides of your feet, knees and hands together as you gaze on your horizon line. If you have to, do the pose with your knees and feet apart.

Feel your shoulders over your hips, chin parallel to the floor and the crown of your head energizing upward as your toes claw into the earth like a cat who's scratching a surface. Quiet your mind by watching your next inhale and exhale. While in the pose explore the feeling that comes from being balanced. Allow your inquiry to bring wisdom to your everyday life as you seek steadiness in all you do.

Tip toe pose is also an excellent pose for strengthening and opening your feet.

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