Adding Early Spring Brights and Bird Poses to Lighten Your Mood

With the clock springing forward this past weekend, I'm celebrating the brightening of days and all the   beautiful birdies coming home by adding bright sunshine colors to my wardrobe in addition to putting my hands onto to the earth and practicing bird poses. It is still winter cold where I live so my early spring style is limited to making my winter clothes look brighter. I find wearing bright scarves, colored sunglasses, applying a new shade of pink lipstick and blush plus adding a chunky jeweled bangle on top of a sweater's sleeve works well.

Wearing colorful sweaters or a coat also instantly adds a refreshing vibe to your look. Fortunately I've collected a few over the years. To keep my collection interesting, I'm going to visit some sale racks to see if I can catch a few more bright colored sweater and coat deals before they are put away. A shopping tip I learned a long time ago is people generally gravitate to buying dark colors during winter shopping and the bright and often the most unique pieces are on super sale by late February and March.

Finally, Spring means adding a little more kick to your training. I personally feel bird poses which are mostly arm balances are very fitting to practice now as the day's light is balancing with the night's dark plus there are more birds singing out loud these days. Bakasana/crow pose (shown here) shakes things up a bit by grounding your upper body instead of what we are used to, our lower body. Practicing this pose will physically and emotionally recharge your late winter body and prepare you for the season of growth ahead.

Happy Spring!

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