Wearing Beautiful Lines

My early education focused on both dance and art. My teachers from both subjects often referred to nature to describe the most appealing lines to simulate with your body or to paint on canvas. When it comes to dressing, I believe combining different pieces that create beautiful lines on your figure and often this means not following the trends is the key to a functioning and flattering outfit.

Wearing black is a ladies' go to color to streamline her shape. However wearing all black can make you appear shapeless. You need a color to break it up, flatter your skin tone and show off your shape. Fortunately I'm wearing www.carmenandersonny.etsy.com scoop neck black tunic top with kiwi colored piping forming an inverted V. What I love about this black top is that it includes a color pop with beautiful lines to highlight a woman's shape. It covers your tail and shows off your curves without clinging and being overly revealing.

This top combined with black leggings, a tank underneath, boots, kiwi accessories, a black parka (not shown) and Carmen Anderson NY's signature extra long sleeve detail, makes me feel warm and look chic as I wear my winter basic black yoga that lasts all day look. Wearing a hint of baby green helps as I anticipate an early spring. This top also comes with orange lines.

www.carmenandersonny.etsy.com is a yoga/lounge wear clothing line. It is made with luxuriously soft and silky modal fabric which consists of natural fibers. Made 100% in New York City.

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