A Heart Lightening Meditation

Science says the heart's energetic field is far stronger than the brain's. Since energy wants to entertain similar energy and intertwine with each other, your heart's energy affects you, what you attract and all that surrounds you. This is why being around happy and positive people lightens your heart and mingling with negative people contributes to depressed feelings, insecurity and disease.

Expand and strengthen your heart by practicing a heart lightening meditation. Start by becoming still. You can sit, stand or recline. Close your eyes and place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on your heart center. Feel the wave of your natural breath and the pulse of your heart on your hands. As your mind settles into following your breath and heartbeat, place your hands on your thighs if seated or alongside your hips if standing or reclining with your palms facing out.

Visualize a green mist of light swirling in a circle entering your heart space. Focus for a few moments on this calm and lightening energy moving through you and healing what ails you. When you feel done, deepen your next inhale and exhale and open your eyes. Know that by practicing this exercise you are positively creating a healthy heart for yourself and all the people, animals and things that you interact with.

Saturday March 1st at 4 pm during my "Deepen Your Back Bends Workshop" at www.bamboomovesyoga.com we will practice this meditation and more.

Register online $40  $50 day of.

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