The Season of the Prefix Re

It is the season of repeating, renewing and revisiting. The season of the prefix re which means to do again is upon us as we move into the New Year. Around this time last year I wrote down what I wanted to attract for 2013. My discipline in recording it was mostly because I taught a New Year's workshop on the subject of toning your core body and attracting your New Year's wishes called "Fire in the Belly, Igniting Your New Year's Dreams."

This year I'm teaching the workshop once again because it worked. I attracted everything I asked for yet it came in differently than expected. Grateful for what showed up, I'm presently making my 2014 New Year's dreams list and most of it surprises me as I write it down because it is bringing clarity to my last year's requests.

The picture above are desktop flowers that I will weekly replace to recharge my inner battery as I reread and revamp the pictures for my book "Glamorous Yogini, 7 Seasonal Steps to Heal with Nature, Beauty and Yoga."

Sirsa Padmasana, head to foot variation

For quite some time my yoga practice has been focused on preparing for my classes. Meaning I've lost my personal inner investigation of the postures and I haven't been practicing as deeply as I can. This coming year I'm going to re investigate what I can do on the mat. During the past few weeks I've been doing so and already I"m feeling so much lighter.

I'm also going to rekindle my belief in knowing what seems to be impossible to achieve at the moment is clearly mine. My feeling is, I keep on seeing it therefore it is coming.

Finally my family and I are going to revisit the nature paths we love to walk on together. It is our valuable weekend time where we regroup and refresh ourselves from our everyday routines.

You create your life so if it is not working to your liking consider joining me on Saturday January 11th at 3:30 pm and work towards recreating it. This workshop is a slow and strong flow yoga posture practice where we will focus on toning our 3rd chakra, our belly, lower back and side waist body. Our core body is where yogis, shamans and Reiki masters teach our truth and dreams are born. During the class I will thread in dream building wisdom, include private time to write down your New Year's dreams and we will finish our intention building with a meditation in restorative yoga postures.

Register for "Fire in the Belly, Ignite Your New Year's Dreams Workshop" at in Englewood, NJ.

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