Once Again the Balance Tips

As we get ready to take another spin of the wheel and start a New Year I've been noticing that deep back bending has been helping me a great deal in keeping my heart light and open to letting go of what was in 2013, receiving the joy of the holiday season as well as eager to experience the mystery that is on the horizon. Since my personal yoga practice usually shows up in some form in my classes, I've been reminded while teaching deep back bending that having the ability to balance on your hands and feet is key. Mostly because you don't see your arms and feet in most back bends.

When you do an arm balance or stand on one foot a whole new wattage of strength kicks into your
system. Technically body experts call it your proprioceptive perception that fires in. It is the ability to move and be in space without visual aid. Also when you balance you sit in between movement and stillness making your focus have no choice but to be completely in the present moment thus cultivating a steadier mind.

To advance your practice on so many levels and attune to the end of the year's celebrations and transitions I recommend spending a little bit more time in balancing poses. Not only will they assist you to get into big poses like wheel and inversions but they will also help you walk the tight rope with ease into 2014.

A 3 pointed wheel or you can call this pose a one arm side plank variation. Wearing jewel tones like burgundy, sapphire and emerald this time of year is a great alternative to everyday blacks and grays. Sweater, scarf, tights and under shirt are from www.zara.com Booties www.forever21.com

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