Who Says You Need Crystal to Enjoy Your Flowers?

Last spring my husband and I enjoyed a little antiquing in Hudson, New York. While sniffing out some treasures an elderly lady with tons of country chic style and zing to her words encouraged me to buy her aqua blue mason jars. She swore they were collectibles being that they are aqua colored and once I put my flowers in them I would have no need for my crystal vases.

I didn't buy them however about a month or so ago while washing out my pasta sauce jar for the recycling bin, I thought of my mason jar sales lady. I peeled and scraped off the label with hot soapy water and a spoon then stored it away. Having collected several I've put them to use along with other bottle shapes and created these pretty little flower Thanksgiving giveaways.

Flower arranging is a great way to connect to nature, yourself and the moment at hand. Some days it replaces my yoga practice as another version of a moving meditation. Who says practicing yoga and sitting on a meditation cushion is the only way to feel centered and connected?

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