Divine Black Yoga Leggings

The days of wearing mostly black are back now that late Fall's cold and darkness has arrived. I've been wearing black leggings for decades and my requirements for the perfect yoga pair must crossover seamlessly into my everyday styling. Yoga pants with stripes, logos and funky hemlines don't work for me as I need to wear leggings that let me throw a top over it and shoes to match to carry me through my day's schedule that brings me out of the yoga world, then back into the studio and back out of it again to collect my kids and into the kitchen for dinner.

Gratefully I'm wearing www.carmenandersonny.etsy.com absolutely divine black yoga leggings. They are very black, the way I like them and don't fade after washing. They are silky soft, with the right amount of cling plus when you bend over they're not see through. This is an important yoga legging buying fact that often goes unnoticed by the consumer. Finally Carmen Anderson NY's lines are sleek and slimming as the waistband doesn't pinch and create unwanted rolls. You can wear these leggings all day and dress them up at night to pull together your divine dark half of the year look.

www.carmenandersonny.etsy.com is an all year lounge wear line. 9 tops and 4 bottoms. All designed to enhance your beauty. Made with natural knit jersey materials, primarily modal, some rayon and tencel. It is made 100% in NYC.

Urvdha ardha pada pachimottanasa, upward half lotus forward bend, cardigan sweater www.urbanoutfitters.com, earrings www.forever21.com, scarf, gifted from India, makeup www.onehundredpercentpure.com, nail polish www.mineralfusion.com

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