Bandhas and Mudras Magic Workshop at Ramapo College of New Jersey

Now that the holiday season has begun you may feel like it is time to catch up with tying together the loose ends of the year while not completely letting go of holiday cheer and moments of rest. Before December flies by and you're raising your glass to toast in the New Year consider making a little time this Friday evening Dec. 6 at Ramapo College of New Jersey for my Bandhas and Mudras Magic Workshop. Here we will learn and practice by way of using our bandhas and making mudras how yogis stay grounded, strong and extremely graceful during moments of difficulty, bliss and ease. 

Bandhas means locks in Sanskrit. More specifically it refers to the areas of our body we can contract to not let our energy spill out. Mudras means seals or hand gestures such as hands in prayer position or taking your thumb and pointer finger to touch. Making hand gestures while you practice yoga like working with the bandhas keeps your energy powerfully circulating within.

As we refine our yoga practice we employ the bandhas to magically lighten our step, take flight as we jump, take the weight out of hands and shoulders in downward facing dog and arm balances as well as to hold all poses. Using your bandhas also helps you to feel space in your lower back, power in your belly and length in your neck. Making mudras also has a special magic to them as each finger is associated with nature's elements, fire, air, ether, earth and water. When we join our fingers together with mudras our inner energy strengthens while we appear graceful as we connect to all that is around us.

This workshop is a physical yoga practice with moments of lectured teachings to deepen your understanding of the bandhas and mudras.

Friday   December 6th    6 pm   3 hours   @  Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey

Room Q228, the Dance Studio in the Bradley Center

Exchange $35 for walk ins

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