Poncho Perfect Weather

I grew up in a drafty old house. Being half Ecuadorian my Mother equipped our family with authentic Andean ponchos to keep us warm inside our house during the coldest of winter days. Everyone including my Dad wore one until I declared them uncool and went the sweatshirt route. Now I see them as being beyond cool, they're extremely chic. Particularly now as it is not so cold outside and wearing a puffy warm jacket is not necessary. These days I'm wearing ponchos as often as I can to cover up my yoga tank and tights look.

Poncho from 2010 www.forever21.com red and blue sheer baby doll top www.urbanoutfitters.com tights www.zara.com necklace and earrings www.lailarowe.com silver cuff, gifted, vintage purse

Sitting in bharavajasana 2/diamond sage pose. I love this pose because it opens up my neck and shoulders like no other. Also this pose is a seated hip opener that is fall perfect as it is grounding to do during a busy time of year.

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