Perfect Yoga Cover Wear

Nearly everyday is a yoga teaching day for me making my personal style accommodate wearing a yoga tank and tights under my clothes. Over the years tunics have proven to be the easiest cover up look however not every tunic works. Some are too boxy, long or short and can feel uncomfortable to wear as an extra layer of warmth when you start and finish class. Gratefully I'm wearing a perfect yoga tunic by It is a cowl neck tunic top which feels super soft like a second skin. It is perfect to wear all day long as the neck can be rolled down below the shoulders for a more dramatic evening look or pulled over the shoulders for a polished and chic everyday look. Also, I love the way the lines of this tunic flatter your figure without being overly clingy and revealing.

Cowl neck tunic top Carmen Anderson NY is an all year lounge wear line. 9 tops and 4 bottoms. All designed to enhance your beauty. Made with natural knit jersey materials, primarily modal, some rayon and tencel. It is sustainable clothing that is made 100% in NYC.

Yamadevasana 2, is pigeon pose taken to the next level. This pose is dedicated to the sage Yamadeva. Tights earrings bangles, gifted

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