Getting Stronger with Seated Postures

Seated postures are typically practiced towards the end of class. When I'm running out of class time, I may leave them out or quickly teach a simple seated pose before moving into a final relaxation pose. These days as my schedule has me stepping into new territory as the new norm and the wind that combs the leaves from the trees is only getting stronger, I'm finding I need to sit, rest and ground more often during my yoga practice.

To satisfy my need to feel grounded, I've been starting my yoga practice and classes on the ground with a gentle version of a very complex seated posture like marichyasana 2 pose which you see in this post. After practicing some light and easy to do seated work, I continue to warm up with Sun Salutations, a standing series and then make it back onto the floor for a deeper expression of the seated pose. After a couple of weeks in a row of practicing different seated postures this way I'm feeling better, balanced and ready for what's ahead as I leave my mat.

Another thing I've noticed while practicing more seated postures is I'm getting stronger. Physically these postures elongate the spine, ease stiff knees and ankles, release the hips and groins, giving the body both the strength and flexibility it needs to sit, stand and walk around with ease. On a deeper level, when the body feels good it is easier to quiet the mind, let go and transform like the season.

Easy to do variation of marichyasana 2 pose. Start with an open twist.

1/2 bind

Front hand binds to back wrist. Use a strap if your hands don't meet.

Classically marichyasana 2 pose is done with the bottom bent knee in half lotus resting on the bound leg's groin. Realistically few can do this with ease and safety. My suggestion is to try this pose as shown here or note the first picture and the placement of my feet.

Plaid tights and white tank  Pastel blue and pink are this season's trend to mix with plaid. Here I'm wearing a vintage baby blue top bought years ago in Parisian boutique. Mala, bracelet and earrings gifted. Bloody Mary nails boots vintage Gucci tote

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