Glamorous Yogini, the Book

Glamorous Yogini, the book is a guide that offers 7 seasonal steps an earth and beauty loving female yoga practitioner can do to embrace her femininity, become fit and well along with easy to follow rituals, meditations and recipes she can practice to cultivate mindfulness to the changing seasons and herself.

I started hearing the whispers of this book in my consciousness while I was pregnant at 40 with my second son. Like a voice that was crying out "Release me!" I began Glamorous Yogini the blog in early spring 2011 to simply get the words out. By the end of 2012, I had the book version in my hands. Since destiny would have me spending most of my days teaching yoga, running after an energetic toddler along with picking up and dropping off my teenage son to his super active life, this book was hand written on napkins and journals while sitting on park benches as my baby Krishna napped as well as waiting in the car for Ryan while he made his way off the field. I believe this is one reason why this book has such a Mother Earth loving Goddess feel to it, as much of it was written with the sun's rays moving through my pen on even the cloudiest and coldest days as I gazed deeply into the natural world around me.

While I was blogging about living a modern yogini lifestyle before I wrote the book Glamorous Yogini it occurred to me that some things have not changed through the ages in being a woman. Dressing up, mothering, multi tasking, cooking, being crafty, wishing for the best, having an exercise regimen that gets better with age like practicing yoga, breath work and meditation along with doing as the ancients did by performing seasonal rituals to ground, center and be in harmony with the universe are steps that are necessary to practice over and over for some and in some cases pass through like a phase for others in order to cultivate the feeling of being a grounded and balanced woman.

As you read through this book you will explore ancient female, nature and yoga's wisdom merged with modern simplicity by:

Examining the spiritual qualities of each of the 4 seasons.

Learning the season's best yoga postures to practice to strengthen and ease you.

Becoming aware of easy to do natural beauty regimens that are *Ayurveda inspired.

Learning how to create sacred spaces to enjoy and rest in that align with nature's rhythm.

Acknowledging the season's active ancient Goddess.

Learning easy to whip up seasonal recipes to feast on.

Connecting to the season's active chakra/physical energy center

Learning easy to follow modern day versions of ancient rituals which are designed to empower your creations and align your energy with the present season.

I've found that over the years following these 7 steps have helped me to stay slim, healthy and strong as well as to feel content as I wake up with energy while knowing that whatever I want will come to me because I create my world. Most thrilling of all is to have the understanding by way of yoga's wisdom that I will have enough as well as a surplus to give to others when I adhere to these 7 steps as my means to stay connected and not let depressive thoughts break me into pieces and block my forward movement.

Glamorous Yogini, 4 Seasons, 7 Steps to Feeling Good and Being Connected will be available in 2014

*Ayurveda is a natural medicinal practice from Southern India as well as yoga's sister science that believes nature's elements, earth, water, fire and space are within everything in the universe, including the birds, trees, rocks and us. Ayurveda's principle belief is to balance the elements within us with natural remedies. Doing so will cure us from the inside so the outside will shine.

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