Stretching Out Summer

Although it is lazy August, I'm finding myself a little more busy these days preparing for my Fall yoga workshops. Having my mind project into what will be good to teach in the Fall when there's shorter days, a cold bite in the air, a tighter schedule with less sleep, pre holiday stress and trying to tie up the loose ends of 2013 makes my thoughts scatter. Imagining what's ahead, I find myself even though I'm sitting in the long lazy days of summer more interested in practicing what I call more Fall like yoga poses which are soothing and grounding like seated hip openers, forward bends and twists.

If you're feeling as though the earth is moving under your feet like I am as we get ready to creep into new environments this coming September and cling onto new schedules and goals, my suggestion is to sit directly on the earth and ground. Feel her support you, see what's around you and then soften your eyes. Maybe even close them. Notice the temperature of the air as it touches your skin. Soften your jaw, forehead and relax your belly. Notice the wave of your natural breath rise and fall. Your thoughts will come in and take you to many places yet your desire to ease your nerves, be in the moment and stretch out summer will have you return your awareness to watching your next inhalation and exhalation. Have a thought, feel a feeling then watch your breath. Continue this pattern, have a thought, feel a feeling then watch your breath. Eventually adding seated postures just may keep you here a little longer so you can ground even deeper, be in the now and appreciate what is.

Gomukasana, cow face pose with a twist. Also I've been working on stretching out my summer wardrobe. Finding this statement bib necklace with a felt back round on super sale @ made my yoga wear cover up look so much more pulled together and special than just an oversized bright tee and patterned tights.

T-shirt and tights spiked bangle rhinestone bangles, gifted from India, nail polish in pebble/galet, makeup and

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