Free of the Toxic 3 Chemicals found in Nail Care

Three years ago while walking through Whole Foods apothecary aisle I came upon toxic free nail polish. Not knowing much about the harmful three chemicals found in base coats, nail polishes and top coats I thought the colors were pretty so I bought a few bottles. Since then I did a little toxic free nail polish research and learned about the toxic three chemicals found in most nail polishes.

The 3 chemicals to avoid and why:

Toluene is a chemical that contributes to the recognizable nail polish smell. When inhaled toluene affects the central nervous system causing headaches, forgetfulness, confusion, fatigue and nausea. Although the symptoms fade away once you stop breathing in the fumes, toluene stays in your body for a long time. There's evidence from female animals exposed to toluene that exposure to it can cause birth defects. Pregnant women and just about everyone should avoid Toluene.

You may remember the chemical formaldehyde from your high school biology class because the frogs we dissected were floating in it. Formaldehyde is a preservative and found in most nail strengtheners. Formaldehyde can cause cancer according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It can also irritate skin around the nail bed.

DPB-Dibutyl Phthalate is a plasticizing chemical used in nail polishes, top coats and strengtheners. This means it makes the paint both flexible and tough. It has also been shown to cause birth defects in animals exposed to large quantities of DPB. In Europe dibutylphthalate has been banned from all cosmetics.

Now that I'm aware of the toxic three I bring my own base coat, nail polish and top coat to the nail salon and of course use them when I apply my own polish. Currently several new nail care companies are offering free of the toxic three polishes. I've tried a bunch and I give the highest ratings as it is cruelty free, smooth to put on and creates a glossy look that lasts.

Do note that the more famous nail care companies are catching onto this free of the toxic three nail care trend and are removing a chemical or two. I recommended using nail care products that are free of the bad three for your good health.

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